Gallery Design Factory Bratislava

Address: Bottova 2, 811 09 Bratislava

Opening hours: Mo-Fri:10:00-17:00
During exhibitions: Mo-Fri:10:00-18:00, Sa-Su:13:00-18:00

Description: Gallery Design Factory in Bratislava is located in the city, close to the centre of Bratislava.
Exclusive industrial premises design factory have been created by conversion of the former factory hall. design factory focuses especially on projects presenting contemporary architecture, design and art. The program consists of various exhibitions, seminars, workshops which are organized on this purpose. The regular events include also musical projects - chamber music festival Convergence or the original format
E.ON Jazz Night.
The industrial atmosphere of design factory has been revived in 2005 by the three architects Martin Pasko, Zoran Michalcak and Zuzana Zacharova with the aim to make a new creative platform for promotion and development of timeless design and architecture. design factory rents its premises for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It acts as a spatial partner of many interesting projects that enhance cultural awareness of human and society. design factory wants to serve as a communication facilitator between business sector and cultural community.