Grassalkovich Palace Bratislava

Address: Hodzovo namestie 1, Bratislava

Opening hours: January-March, October-December : Mo-Su 10.00 - 19.00 April-May : Mo-Su 10.00 - 20.00 June-September : Mo-Su 8.00- 22.00

Description: Grassalkovich Palace in Bratislava or the Presidential Palace is situated next to the Summer Archbishop's Palace, in the centre of the city. The palace is the residence of Slovakia's president.
The building of Grassalkovich Palace (built in 1760 for the Count Anton Grassalkovich) is an impressive Rococo/late Baroque summer palace with a French garden. There are many beautiful rooms and an impressive staircase. Its once-large gardens with a statue are now a public park.
Grassalkovich Palace was a center of Baroque music life in Bratislava. Joseph Haydn presented here of some of his works. The palace was used for various balls and parties of the Habsburg royal court. The last owners of the palace before the end of Austria-Hungary were the archduke Friedrich of Teschen.