Period Rooms Museum Bratislava

Address: Radnicna ulica 1, 815 18 Bratislava

Opening hours: Tu-Fri: 10:00-17:00, Su-Sa: 11:00-18:00

Description: Period Rooms Museum Bratislava is located in the historical city centre, in a Rococo style historical building, on the first and second floors of the Apponyi palace.
Period Rooms Museum Bratislava is dedicated to a presentation of period interiors.
Reception rooms with seating complemented by fine art, with aristocratic interior from the end of the 18th century are plased on the first floor of the building.
The period furniture and accessories, rooms with uncovered wall murals you can find on the second floor.
Collection of the museum includes furniture in the styles of classicism, empiricism or historicism, a salon in the spirit of Biedermeir and a study or dining room from the second half of the 19th century.
The exposition is complemented by reproductions of historical clothing.