Police Museum Bratislava

Address: Muzeum policie, Gundulicova 2, 817 72 Bratislava

Opening hours: Tu-Fr: 10.00:14.00

Description: Police Museum Bratislava (Muzeum policie Bratislava) is located in the centre of the city.
The museum is an only one of its type in Slovakia.
Police Museum documents the beginning, development and activities of the police organs in Slovakia.
The museum shows mainly preventive activities, deals with the problem of protection children and teenagers from addictions, with delinquency of the young and a problem of discipline.
The exposition of the museum in Bratislava:
- history, beginning and development of police offices in Slovakia till 1989
- beginning of the present Slovak police
- thematically based part - deals with criminality, road police, Interpol and international cooperation of police