Primate's Palace Bratislava

Address: Primacialne namestie 3, Bratislava

Opening hours: Tu-Su 10.00 - 17.00

Description: The Primate's Palace (Primacialny palac) in Bratislava is situated in Old Town, just in the historical centre of the city.
This neo-Classical palace in Bratislava was built in 1778-1781 for Archbishop Jozsef Batthyany.
During reconstruction (in 1903) a series of six previously unknown tapestries were found behind the wall. The tapestries (1630) show legend of Hero and Leander and their tragic love.
The Primate's Palace in Bratislava and its most famous chamber (Hall of Mirrors) have seen many significant events. The most famous of them is the signing of the fourth Peace of Pressburg between Napoleonist France and Francis' Austria (in 1805), which ended War of the Third Coalition. In 1848, Serfdom in the Kingdom of Hungary was cancelled here.