Bratislava ZOO

Address: ZOO Bratislava, Mlynska Dolina 1, 842 27 Bratislava

Opening hours: Summer: Mo–Su: 09:00–18:00, Winter: Mo–Su: 10:00–15:00

Description: Bratislava ZOO lies in the Little Carpathians forest, in the district of Bratislava - Mlynska Dolina, 6 minutes away from the city centre by car or bus (No. 30, 31, 32, 37, 39, 92). Construction of ZOO started in 1959 and was officially opened on 9 May 1960.
ZOO in Bratislava has 152 species of animals with a total of 1307 specimens, with an area of 96 ha.
ZOO is a popular destination for children and adults. There are pavilions with various species of hoofed mammals, apes, birds, gnawers, beasts, terrarium animals and also Dino Park with replicas of pre-historic animals (contains 22 life sized dinosaurs installed in forest area).